Well, this part of our website starts with the news of the birth of our firstborn.......


Alexander Francis Carter is born at Pembury Hospital at 03:18, weighing 7lb 9oz. Anita was amazing and gave birth to Alex without any pain relief at all!

We had been hoping for a home birth, but due to Anita having high blood pressure in the last few weeks before her due date, we made the decision to have the birth at hospital.

In the end we were very fortunate to be at the hospital, as the third stage of labour (the placenta coming out) had to be done in Theatre, so it is likely that, had we been at home, we would have been transferred anyway. Thankfully as we were already there they were able to act immediately and give Anita all the care and attention she needed.

Throughout the labour Anita had the excellent support of Pippa Berger, our doula, whom we would highly recommend for anyone in and around the Kent area looking for a doula. She can be contacted on pippaberger@btinternet.com

The staff at Pembury were also fantastic, and in particular Josie, the midwife for the birth, was wonderfully helpful and considerate for our preferences in having as natural a birth as possible.


Marc has launched "BetchaIcan" a free website that allows you to set goals or resolutions and plan to give yourself a reward if you succeed, or give money to charity if you fail.

He has launched a UK and a US version, both which are accessible at :


Feel free to log on and set yourself a challenge!






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